'Paul Walker's Spirit, an Angel Up in Heaven' and 'Paul Walker, The Angel Who Touched and Healed Natural Disaster Relief and Quake Survivors...'

Kevin Levin wrote this ebook, "Paul Walker, an Angel Up in Heaven..." which has become an immediate bestseller on Amazon Kindle or Kindle Digital Publishing (KDP).

Book Sypnosis and Summary:

Purchase a copy of 'Paul Walker's Spirit, an Angel Up in Heaven...'.

See Paul Walker's Mourners, Friends, Co-stars such as Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson etc Pay Tribute to a Good Soul

'Fast and Furious' actor Brian O'Conner known as Paul Walker left his fans with a challenge. He wants us to make a difference in somebody's life. He taught us how to live and reach out to others in need before we die. He had it all. He had cars, fame, charisma, swagger, character, beauty, money, great friends, amazing family members, superb co-stars such as Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Michelle, Jordana and others, but he found much joy in reaching out to others who were afflicted by natural disasters. And his daughter wanted to accompany him on his foreign trips. Five days after a massive quake destroyed Haiti, he and his friends were there to rescue and provide aid. Upon his return to the United States, he founded ROWW.org or Reach out Worldwide Charity. His team of first responders went to many other places such as Chile, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Oklahoma, and the Philippines. For sure, Worldwide Car and Movie Enthusiasts, Natural Disaster Survivors, and Sports Car Lovers Lost One of Their Own...

Paul Walker, The Angel Who Touched and Healed Natural Disaster and Quake Survivors....As Eternally Young, Kind, and Famous as James Dean

Book Sypnosis:

A great man of God, a father of Meadow R. Walker, quiet philanthropist, man of faith and character, amazing surfer, super star died in a car accident on November 30, 2013. Paul William Walker IV left behind a great legacy of faith, character, and generosity. Just think about the difference he makes with the founding of Reach Out Worldwide or ROWW.org or reachoutworldwide.wordpress.com. Born on September 12, 1973 in Glendale, Calif. and Died in Santa Clarita, Calif. on November 30, 2013. He loved spending time at Big Sur, Monterey, Carmel, Redwood Forrest, Channel Islands, Santa Barbara Ocean addict, adrenaline junkie, North, San Diego, Baja Mexico etc. Paul Walker was in Haiti and Chile after the huge quakes that hit those countries. He was there to put up shelters and provide medical assistance. He died in a tragic crash after attending a charity event for the Filippino victims of Typhoon Haiyan hosted by his organization Reach Out Worldwide. He and his team provide assistance in Joplin, Moore, Shawnee, Oklahoma, etc. In a few words, Paul focused his relief efforts on Philippines Typhoon, Haiti Earthquake, Chile Earthquake, Indonesia Tsunami, Alabama Tornado. Paul gave us an example of how to live before we die. Enjoy life, Love one another. Enjoy Sand, Sea, Sun, Surf!

Two great men, RIP! De bon moun, Rete an Pe!

Nelson Mandela's Poetic Biography: How to Live Before You Die...

Category:How to Live Before You Die - Nelson Mandela -- posted at: 9:10am PST

Purchase your copy now: English - Haitian Creole Dictionary / Useful Expressions, Question Words, Vocabulary, Grammar etc 12345 A to Z English to Creole Dictionary (Haiti / Boston Linguistic Heritage Press)

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English - Haitian Creole Dictionary PDF - Useful Expressions-Pronunciation-Question Words-Articles-12345 A to Z English to Creole Dictionary - Endetwakatsenk A to Z English to Creole Dictionary" by Carlton Kramka, Canado St. Louis, and Kevin Levin

"English - Haitian Creole Dictionary / Useful Expressions, Question Words, Vocabulary, Grammar etc 12345 A to Z English to Creole Dictionary" allows you to look up Haitian Creole words from Creole to English. Carlton Kramka, Canado St. Louis and Kevin Levin used their linguistic knowledge to prepare this tool for anybody who is interested in learning the Haitian language. This basic dictionary will help missionaries on a short-term visit to the country. It will help Haitian American children who were born overseas. This lexicon can help any tourists, students, NGO workers, and business people who are traveling to the country. You can also get a PDF copy at haitiancreolemp3.libsyn.com

Listen to MP3 or Audio now:

Koute Kreyol - Listen to Haitian Creole - Free Lesson Audio. The above audio contains this text.

Epis Ayisyen - Haitian Spices

Epis Kreyòl – Creole Spices

1. Pèsi – Parsley

2. Ten - Thyme

3. Jiraf – Cloves

4. Gwo powo – Leeks

5. Powo – Scallions

6. Seleri – Celery

7. Zonyon – Onion

8. Echalòt – Chalote

9. Zoranj si – Sour Orange

10. Sitwon – Lime

11. Piman bouk – Habanero Pepper

12. Magi – Chicken Bouillon

13. Piman Dous – Bell Pepper

14. Sèl – Salt

15. Pwav – Pepper

16. Sitwonèl – Citronella

17. Lay – Garlic

18. Mant – Spearmint

19. Anis – Star Anise

20. Tibonm – Mint

21. Kanèl – Cinnamon

22. Miska – Nutmeg

23. Jenjanm – Ginger

24. Safran – Saffron

25. Siwo Myèl – Honey

26. Siwo kann – Molasses

27. Avwàn - oatmeal

28. Militon – chayote / squash

29. Sik - Sugar

-----------------&&&&&&& ------------------------

Kouman yo prepare pwason – How do they prepare fish

Pou fè manje ak pwason, ou bezwen sizonnen pwason an avèk lay (garlic), pèsi (parsley), zonyon vèt (green onions), sèl (salt), yon ti kiyè lwil oliv (a T spoon of olive oil), mwatye yon tikyè ji sitwon (half a tsp of lime juice), piman pike (hot pepper). Kòmanse manje bannann ak pwason!

Gade byen: Pwason pa pwazon (Fish is not poison).

Ki jan yo prepare bannann an Ayiti? Fri bannann pou ou ka manje-l avèk pwason (Fry plantain so you can eat it with fish). Ayisyen rele sa bannann ak pwason! (Haitians call that plantain with fish).

Achte yon sak grenn bannann vèt nan mache a (Buy a bag of green plantain at the market)

Retire po bannann yo – Peel the plantains

Koupe bannann yo pa tibout won – Cut the plantains by little round sections. (Note that the smaller the pieces of plantains, the crispier the plantain will get!)

Chofe lwil ou. Kou lwil la byen cho, mete ti bout bannann yo nan chodyè a (Heat up your oil. As soon as the oil is very hot, drop the pieces of plantain into the cooking pan)

Itilize yon pèz bannann pou peze tibout banann yo (Use a pèz bannann (squeezer) to flatten the platains).

Bouyi grenn bannann yo tankou yo bouyi patat (boil the plantain the way they boil potatoes)

Kisa akasan ye?

Akasan se yon bwason Ayisyen. Li fèt avèk mayi moulen (corn flour), lèt (milk), anis (star anise), kanèl (cinnamon), epi sik (sugar). Ou bouyi-l jiskaske li pare pou bwè.

Category:IndieEbooks - DigitalEbooks- Audio Indie -- posted at: 9:40pm PST

Download "French / Haitian Creole / Spanish / English FlashCards for Pre-K, Kindergarten....8th Grades: Learn or Teach Kreyol TapTap"

Published by SurfBoardPress Spotlight

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French / Haitian Creole / Spanish / English FlashCards for Pre-K, Kindergarten....8th Grades: Learn or Teach Kreyol TapTap

Book Review

Learn or Teach Haitian Creole/Spanish/English Flashcards...is a mini textbook designed for the ESL teacher who has to teach in Florida, Boston, Massachussets and New York City schools attended by Spanish and Haitian Creole-speaking students. This flashcard book contains vocabulary on the human body, food and meal names, popular greetings and short dialogues in three foreign languages: English, Spanish and Haitian Creole. Find additional information on ChildrensCreoleBooks.blogspot.com and creolechildrensbooks.blogspot.com

Category:French Creole Spanish English Flashcards -- posted at: 12:19pm PST

Josh C. Beckford's new E-book on Jersey Shore Partyers Heading to the Hamptons:  "Jersey Shore Goes to the Hamptons...."

Jersey Shore Boozy Invaders, Hurricane Sandy Refugees, and Day Trippers Run to The Old Money, High-Class Snobbery, Upbringing, and Exclusivity of the Hamptons Indian Wells Beach and Mega-mansion Residents

Jersey Shore Young Party-goers and Day Trippers Hit High-Class and High-Society Snobbery of the Hamptons andBeyond

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Jersey Shore partyers and religious beachgoers have found a new place to crash for their Summer Vacation. The sun, beach, and exclusive lifestyle of the Hamptons are the main reasons they are heading there this holiday season.

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After all, the sand is fine. The weather and background are gorgeous. Most importantly, the regular revelers have a great body they are willing to show off. With shirt or shirtless, they are ready to take over the beach of the Hamptons. The beachfront residents of the area are not ready to let these new pleasure seekers take over their fun back yards. They are screaming from the top of their lungs from the beach to the council members’ office. They are attending community meetings where they are shouting invectives in order to change things. They are pushing the politicians to take measures banding packed vans and busloads of partyers and day trippers from invading their access to the sea. They forget that the ocean belongs to everybody. The residents of Indian Wells Beach and any where else in Hamptons are not the only ones who feel this way. Some beachfront entries are blocked in California and Florida where the celebrities live. They want to block the access of the regular men and women.

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The old money set of the Hamptons corporate dwellers are shaking their heads. They do not seem to understand where they went wrong. They knew that they could not stop the entry of the nouveau riches, those celebrities loaded with money do not need to be on the inside to join what appears to have been a very exclusive club. The partyers of Jersey Shore and the DJs are ready to bring the fun to the backyard of the traditional rich. They care about music, high fashion, and body type. They care about the present. They care about now. They have the booze and generator to pump up the music. They have the gadgets and are connected through social media. They throw the parties on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and others. They are a group of savvy Internet and social media users.

In this e-book, Josh C. Beckford shows how technology and access to money breaks down the barriers of class, race, and ethnicity. The Jersey Shore has been taking a taste of the beauty of life in the Hamptons. They are willing to party and enjoy the beach. These Jersey Shore revelers are saying goodbye to the class and high-society snobbery common amidst the residents of most American communities.

From Seaside Park and Seaside Heights, New Jersey andBeyond To Amagansett's Indian Wells Beach and East Hampton Montauk orMontaukett

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Purchase a copy of this e-book right on this site right: here

Category:Jersey Shore Goes to Hamptons -- posted at: 9:43pm PST

<p>In the 2013 Creole Workbook, you will listen to three sets of exams.  You will listen to parts 1, 2, and 3.  You will get familiar with the Haitian Creole definite and indefinite article.  If you go to http://sakpaselearnhaitiancreole.blogspot.com you will review the rules and the various forms of the definite article. 

<p>This set of exercises will provide you with the opportunity to familiarize the structure and sounds of Haitian Creole. 

Direct download: 2013CreoleExam_Egzamen_Kreyol_2013.mp3
Category:Haitian Creole Workbook -- posted at: 9:30pm PST

Scène de l’incendie d’une discothèque au Brésil - Le Brésil est en deuil – Brasil está de luto




Purchase a copy of 2013 Kiss Nightclub Fire in the Land of Future: Fogo em Boate Kiss 2013, Terra de Futuro

Book Synopsis:

"2013 Kiss Nightclub Fire in the Land of the Future – Fogo em Boate Kiss 2013, Terra de Futuro" is an ebook about the brutal tragedy occurring at Kiss Nightclub located in Santa Maria, a University town. Authors Bruno Ferreira and Moreira C. J. Ferrero give you an eye-witness account of the blaze inferno taking place in the early hours of January 27, 2013. Students and young professionals are back from their Summer vacation. As common in Brazil, throwing a huge party is the name of the game for all self-respecting and socially connected young individuals. Thousands of beautiful young men and women crowd Kiss Nightclub where a band was playing great music. When the members of the band had a mishap with the pyrotechnic display, all hell broke loose. General panic! Bedlam! Stampede and Trampling were the last attempts to exit the security-protected establishment. Authors Bruno Ferreira and Moreira C. J. Ferrero write about hope, the pain in the parents and friends' faces in the land of the future. Yet, in the background, life must go on. The carnival season is just around the corner. FIFA and IOC still believe that Brazil can organize the 2014 soccer world cup. No time to doubt the organizational powers of this gigantic South American land of dreams. Brazil is mourning her losses, but the show must go on. Watch Videos of Kiss Fire at http://frenchlessonpodcast.libsyn.com and http://haitiancreolemp3.libsyn.com

Amazon Kindle ebook Follow the podcast with "French Notes and Textbook for English Speakers." Purchase your copy from Kindle here

Nook ebook:

Purchase your copy of "French Notes and Textbook for English Speakers" from BarnesandNoble.com

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First, you need to purchase a copy of the ebook "Learn French MP3 Dialogues - Dialogues MP3 Français - French Lesson MP3 Conversations - Free French MP3 Dialogue Downloads" which you can find on Amazon Kindle now.

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You can buy a copy of "Learn French MP3 Dialogues - Dialogues MP3 Francais..." at Smashwords.com too!

General French Pronunciation Tips:

Free Downloads and Excerpts from "Learn Free French MP3 Downloads..."

Free Downloads and Excerpts from "French Notes and Textbook for English Speakers

Say the names of countries in French / Les noms de pays

French Song: Je ne sais pas le jour ou je verrai mon Roi

Listen to some more songs/hymns in French: A Dieu Soit La Gloire! Oh quel bonheur de le connaitre!

Listen to this multilingual Phrasebook episode:

French for London Olympics

A Beginner's Audio Guide to French

French Hymn: Le Cri de mon ame...

Make sentences with Chez, Voici, and Voila

Category:Echantillon-Audio-Gratuit-FreeAudioSample -- posted at: 8:03am PST




Traduzcan /Translate/Tradwi/Traduisez



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